Messaging Management

Channels Management

Admins are able to view all open and closed channels from this tab as well as create a new channel. They will also be able to search for and filter channels by certain parameters.

List of Channel Actions




Channels members will no longer be able to send new messages in the channel


Channels members are able to send new messages in the channel

Stop Channel

Closes a channel. All channel members will be immediately kicked from the channel

Live Messages

Admins can join a channel and view messages being sent in real-time. They also will be able to filter messages by certain parameters, check current members in the channel and modify channel details such as tags and metadata.

Admins will also be able to broadcast messages directly in the channel.

List of Message Types

The SDK supports the sending and receiving of 5 types of messages:




A message that contains only text


A message that contains an image


A message that contains a file


A message that contains an audio


A message that contains any data the user wants to store

For more information on each of the message types, see Upstra Message Types

Pausing Data Stream

Because the messages are being sent in real-time, sometimes an Admin will have difficulty moderating when the messages are appearing quickly. In this scenario, Admin can pause the incoming data stream so that they can take action on a message. This pause does not prevent users from sending messages in a channel but simply stops the Admin Panel from receiving new messages. Once the the live message has been unpaused, Admin will see all the messages again.

Message Filters

Admins can filter what messages are shown on the live message stream. Currently the SDK supports two types of filters:

Filter by Flagged

Show only messages that have been flagged by admin or users

Filter by Threaded

Show only messages that are parent message (See comments below)

List of Message Actions



Clear flagged

Clears all flags on a message

Delete message

Deletes the message*

Add to blocklist

Admin can select from the message any word or letter they wish to add to the blocklist

Mute user

User will be unable to send messages in channel

Ban user

User will be immediately kicked from channel and have all messages deleted from channel

*Note: Message will still be marked as sent by user but with no text.