Getting Started

The iOS SDK is delivered as a binary .framework file and supports both Objective-C and Swift. We also included an additional framework as a dependency: Realm. In order to properly install the SDK, you must make sure to import and link both frameworks.

Download the iOS SDK


  • Drag EkoChat.framework and Realm.framework to your project's Embedded Binaries. Make sure that Copy items if needed is selected and click Finish. Also switch the Embed section as Embed & Sign.


In your App's target's Build Settings:

  • Ensure that Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries is set to YES.

  • Add $(PROJECT_DIR)/<Path to EkoChat.framework>/EkoChat.framework/zlib/ into the Import Paths under the Swift Compiler - Search Paths section.


When targeting iOS, watchOS or tvOS:

  • create a new Run Script Phase in the app's target's Build Phases and paste the following snippet in the script text field:


This last step is required to work around an App Store submission bug when archiving universal binaries.