Moderation Concepts

Upstra offers a myriad of moderation tools and capabilities designed to offer greater control for the user. Moderation can occur both at the user level and the admin level. We determine a user's moderation capabilities based on their current role.


In order to have moderation privileges, a user has to be assigned a role. Currently we offer three tiers of roles for users and one tier for admins.




The user has no moderation privileges


The user can assert general moderation privileges on other users


The user can assert general moderation privileges and be exempt from moderation from other users

Global-Admin (Admin Only)*

The user can assign the roles of others, assert all moderation privileges and be exempt from moderation

*Note: This role can not be assigned to a user.

General Moderation Privileges

These moderation tools are available to all admins and users with moderator and super-moderator roles.

Muting and Unmuting

Moderators can mute and unmute users. When a user is muted, they can not send messages in a channel. However muted users will still be allowed to observe messages in a channel. The status of being muted is indefinite but is only applied at the channel level.

Banning Unbanning

Moderators can ban and unban users. When a user is banned in a channel, they are forcebly removed from channel and may no longer participate or observe messages in that channel. All their previous messages in the channel will also be automatically deleted.

A user that has been banned from a channel can not rejoin the channel until they have been unbanned.

Admin Moderation Privileges

Upstra's admin panel provides administrators with the ability to observe and control messages in channels. Moderation tools range from automatic operations such as the blocklisting of words/phrases to controlled operations such as the manual banning and muting of users.


Blocklisting is used to block certain words from being sent in Upstra. When a word is blocklisted, anytime a user attempts to send a message with that word, the message will not be sent. This also applies to words that contain parts of a blocklisted word.

For more information on blocklisting, see here

Allow List

Upstra by default prevents any link or url from being sent. However websites can be whitelisted so that links with that website domain can be sent.

For more information on whitelisting, see here

Global Ban

As well as the banning and unbanning of users, admins also have the ability to global ban a user. When a user is globally banned, they can no longer access Upstra's network and will be forcebly removed from all their existing channels. All the globally banned user's messages will also be deleted.

The globally banned user can not access Upstra's network again until they have been globally unbanned.