Subcribe To Webhooks

We don't provide tools to subcribe to webhooks just yet. Please contact Eko directly with the callback url that you want us to create an HTTP POST request to.

Setup your server

You have to set up an HTTP server's endpoint to listen to our callback POST request. You can either create this by writing your own HTTP server or by using an existing framework that already provides an internet like express.

Handle HTTP POST request

Our Upstra server will treat HTTP POST 200 status response as a success request. If the status is not 200 or your HTTP server doesn't acknowledge our request; Upstra's server will treat that request as an error and log the error information on our storage. Upstra's server will not retry HTTP POST request if an error is logged. If you have any problems with a specific request, you can contact us to retrieve these log information using requestId in the payload as a way to trace back to our servers.

Secure your webhooks

When you subcribe to webhooks,you will receive a secret token. This token is used to create a hash signature with each payload that the Upstra server sends. This hash is passed along with each request in the headers as X-EKO-Signature. You can compute a hash using the same secret token and ensure that the hash in the header matches to verify that the payload is not tampered. Upstra's server uses HMAC hexdigest to compute the hash.