Upstra Messaging

Upstra messaging SDK allows engineers to add powerful messaging capabilities to their native and web apps, without the hassle of deploying, maintaining any server infrastructure, or writing complicated message synchronization logic.

Upstra messaging SDK provides methods to allow any user to join channels and send messages instantly. The messages will be synced up to all users within the same chat channel in real-time. The messages sent through the system can be moderated pre-delivery via automated custom spam and keyword filtering, you can also moderate all messages sent manually via our admin panel.

Upstra messaging SDK allows you to:

  • Start a new conversation channel with up to 300,000 concurrent participants.

  • Deliver up to 1 million messages per second for each conversation channel.

  • View read counts for every message.

  • Moderate conversations with user banning, muting, and rate limiting.

  • Assign moderators and admins via a role based permission system.

  • Filter out inappropriate content with automated spam filtering and URL whitelists.

  • Manage connection state and handle offline data automatically.

  • Support multi-device and multi-platform for every user.

Upstra Social

Upstra social SDK allows engineers to integrate social communities and user feed capabilities without the hassle of deploying, maintaining any server infrastructure. Companies can now build user-powered social news feeds and notifications into their mobile and web app in no time. Enabling you to engage your customers with the same tools used by popular social applications like Facebook or Instagram.

Let users create engaging content and engage with others through comments and reactions. Users can follow other users or topics, and become members of various groups to get a personalized timeline of content.

Activity feeds are also a great feature to directly engage with users. You can communicate with your users directly by posting important messages as announcements.

Upstra social SDK allows you to:

  • Connect users through formation of communities.

  • Boost user engagement by user generated posts / comments in communities.

  • Personalize the feed based on user’s membership.

  • React to user's content.

  • Wire standalone comment with your application seamlessly.

  • Support multiple format for the post content.

  • Manage & moderate communities and users in admin panel.

  • Auto block the content with profanity violation.

  • Assign roles and permissions on a role based system.

Upstra Video

Upstra video SDK allows engineers to integrate live-streaming capabilities into their application in no time. The live stream SDK simplifies mobile app development for iOS and Android by offering a common, cross-platform API to capture, encode and stream live video and audio, without the hassle of deploying and maintaining your own instrastrucuture.

Upstra video SDK allows you to:

  • Professional live streaming

  • Watch live streaming with low latency

  • Be provisioned the playback video when streaming ends

  • Support high volume concurrent viewers watching simultaneously

  • Receive notification when a live streaming has started

  • Multiple live streamings in parallel

  • Manage & moderate live streamings in admin panel

  • Support both Android and iOS devices

More information on the implementation on these SDK’s can be found under each section based on platform.

Device Support

Upstra's Development Kits are designed to support all devices and operating systems released at least 2 years back. The current supported minimum OS versions are:

  • iOS: iOS 12+

  • Android: Android 4.1+ (API level 16)

Browser Support

  • Chrome: 38+

  • Firefox: 42+

  • Internet Explorer: 11+

  • Safari: 9+

  • Opera: 25+

Since Upstra Web SDK uses local cache for performance and user experience reason, server side rendering is not supported. To use Upstra Web SDK with NextJS, Upstra Web SDK must be imported using Dynamic Import with SSR disabled.