Upstra allows front-end developers to easily add powerful messaging functionalities to their native and web apps, without the hassle of deploying, maintaining any server infrastructure, or writing complicated message synchronization logic.

Upstra provides methods to allow any client to join channels and send messages. The messages will be synced up to all other clients in the same channel in real-time. The messages sent through the system can be moderated pre-delivery via automated custom spam and keyword filtering, you can also moderate all messages sent manually via our admin panel.

Upstra allows you to:

  • Start a new conversation channel with up to 300,000 concurrent participants.

  • Deliver up to 1 million messages per second for each conversation channel.

  • View read counts for every message.

  • Moderate conversations with user banning, muting, and rate limiting.

  • Assign moderators and admins via a role based permission system.

  • Filter out inappropriate content with automated spam filtering and URL whitelists.

  • Manage connection state and handle offline data automatically.

  • Support multi-device and multi-platform for every user.

Device Support

Upstra's Development Kits are designed to support all devices and operating systems released at least 2 years back. The current supported minimum OS versions are:

  • iOS: iOS 9+

  • Android: Android 4.1+ (API level 16)

Browser Support

  • Chrome: 38+

  • Firefox: 42+

  • Internet Explorer: 11+

  • Safari: 9+

  • Opera: 25+